The Importance of rules

Why We Have Them and Who Makes Sure They Are Followed

As a mom, I know how important rules are. At home, we have two major reasons why we have them. Number one reason is for safety. I do not allow my toddlers do certain things that may endanger them. This includes no playing with electrical materials, no running around when holding something sharp, no pushing near bodies of water and no jumping off from areas taller than them. The second major reason why we have rules in the house is for order. I do not like cleaning the same place repeatedly. If you messed it up, you clean it. Dirt stays outside the house. These are just few of our household rules but since my kids are still in their younger years, I do not expect them to follow them perfectly; but I expect that the rules be followed all the time.
In big world like ours, if there were no rules, we should not be expecting that the world would be in this liveable state. It is already in bad shape even if we have rules, how much more if there was none. However, just like kids, people sometimes do not follow them perfectly, and that is why we have police, soldiers, security personnel, judge, and referee.
There should be rules in any form of society. They keep things in order and civilized and that is the same way with sports. We have sports officials to keep everything fair and in order. The referee sees to it that in every game rules are being followed. In basketball, the ref makes sure that, no body commits blocking, charging, flagrant fouls and other technical fouls. The referee gives a warning to the offending party and there are consequences for repeated offense. In soccer or football, the sports official sees to it that there is no intentional hitting or tackles done to injure an opponent. Imagine if there are no referees or sports official in games, everything will be a riot. In our world, we trust that every individual will follow rules, however, we expect that some, just like kids, will not follow them perfectly and there are people deliberately disobeying the rules.
Aside from keeping the players from getting hurt, another reason why we have rules is for structure. Before a game becomes official, it is necessary that the mechanics and rules are set. Without a game structure, it just would not be sports at all. That is also the reason why we need sports officials, to make sure that the rules and regulations are implemented.
What is a referee and what is his purpose? A referee is a person with special designation in a sports activity; this sports official should have a good head on his shoulders. To become a great ref, he or she must have an extensive knowledge on the game, and must have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations. You also need to attend seminars and trainings to become an official referee. There are certifications that also need to be accomplished. Although it is a long process, bottom line is, once the game has started, the referee should come up with good judgement and great wisdom. This person should have a very good sense of judgement and is fair at all times. A ref should have the integrity as well to make fair calls at all times.
There are instances when people question the integrity of the sports officials. There has been news of referees favouring the opponent for personal gains. This creates a bad image for referees and other sports officials that is why they become scapegoats. Sour player lose a game and blame it on the referee. However not all referees have questionable characters. Most of them
A referee can face many challenges in their line of work. Concentration is one. So many things can distract the ref from the game. Some games consist or two players but there are many sports that require multiple players. It is a big challenge for the referee to keep an eye on everything that is going on in the game. Another challenge that this sports official must face is the tendency to get hurt during a game. There has been a lot of incident when a disgruntled player attacks the referee. That is why a ref must be quick in mind and in body. It is also very tasking to be a referee, running around in courts and field making sure that they see everything going on with the game. So a ref must be physically fit.
Sports officials like referees have to meet certain expectations if they expect players to follow their calls. They must be fair all the time, they must be decisive and must be able think quickly. They need to be patient at times and should be able to communicate clearly with all players and other sports officials. They are the people that make sure the players follow the rules all the time at all cost. It is but fitting they are worthy to be trusted of their judgements. They need to have the commitment to the sports and they should have a great knowledge of the chosen sports to be able to to come up with right decision and judgement all the time.
A ref who is not trustworthy is not worth being a sports official at all. They are in this position to keep the game in order and they do this by making sure that all the rules and regulations are being followed with no exception. If a referee is the first one to violate the rule of honesty, it is going to be very hard to make the players accept his judgement and the sense of being a referee is lost. Like the meaning of the word referee, this person is the chief official of the game and his function relies on the game rules and regulations.