Mills Lane

World Famous Boxing Referee

The story of referee Mill’s Lane

Mills Lane’s name needs no introduction in the country as he is the judge in a syndicated courtroom show being telecast on television and has been a former boxer and a very famous boxing referee. He is a towering personality and though his record as a pro boxer was not that great he became a legend as a sports official and a referee who could not be taken lightly even if the contestants were celebrities. The best example of this fact was a world heavyweight title match between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson where Tyson bit the ears of Holyfield and Mills Lane went on to referee the match unperturbed, disqualifying Mike Tyson for his insane behavior.

Mills lane is the most loved sports official
Mills lane is known all over America as Judge Mills Lane in the courtroom show by the same name telecast all over the country. Mills Lane is introduced in the show as a boxer, referee, lawyer and a prosecutor. He is referred to as America’s Judge. There are hundreds and thousands of refs in the country obsessed with rugby, football and basketball but the name of Judge Mills Lane stands tall for being the tallest figure in the world of sports officials. Mills Lane got famous for his punches and comments in the TV show where his most popular phrase was Let’s get on with it. Another of his famous catchphrase was I’ll allow it. During his long and illustrious career as a sports official, he was a referee in many boxing matches involving celebrities. He never bowed down to the whims of these celebrities and even the biggest of boxing stars and others Hollywood celebrities knew who was the boss in the ring when Mills Lane happened to be the referee.

The Bite Fight remains his most famous match
The biggest match that Mills lane refereed was between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson in June 1997. Mills was not the first choice to be a referee and interestingly he became ref only on the intervention of the camp of Mike Tyson who objected to Mitch Halpern being the ref in the match. This was a match that went down in the history of boxing as the most notorious one as Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ears twice during the match, an insane behavior for which Mills disqualified the then world champion and awarded the title to Evander Holyfield.

Another of his famous TV shows was Celebrity Deathmatch that was known for the blood and gore that was depicted in the series as it showed the contest in claymotion such as between Michael Jackson and Madonna. There was too much violence and aggression and participants were shown engaging in extreme violence with decapitations and impalements being common in the TV series. If you are interested, you can watch any of the contests on Celebrity Deathmatch on YouTube on the internet. Judge Mills Lane played his own avatar in this TV show and he usually opened the contest between celebrities by saying let’s get on with it. For 4 years from 1998 till 2002 when he got a stroke, Mills gave his voice to the show where he was seen as a referee officiating in the matches. He was one referee that could not be taken lightly by the contestants even if they were celebrities. Since the program was known for its vulgar scenes involving extreme violence, his catchphrase I’ll allow it became synonymous with the attitude that anything goes in the name of fight in this TV series.

There are refs and refs galore but none can match the popularity and cult status that Mills Lane achieved in his long career that saw him performing so many different roles of a boxer, referee, sports official, lawyer, and a prosecutor besides becoming one of the best loved judges in the country. He is an icon and a living legend known for his witty phrases on TV shows and though he suffered a bit of a setback as he got partially paralyzed by a stroke in 2002, he continues to have the same attitude to life that has brought him so much love and affection from the public. Mills called Reno as his city of adoption and Reno has not forgotten the contributions made by its loved boy celebrating December 27 as Mills Lane Day.

While Lane is loved best for the infamous The Bite Fight between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson in 1997, he has known all along for being a referee that did not cow down against celebrity boxers and kept them under tight leash during matches he officiated.

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