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referee is found in a number of sports and he is responsible for conducting the game smoothly. The referee is the person who is in authority for presiding over the entire game. The referee is meant to have a neutral point of view and he should not be in support of any particular team. The refs are also required to make certain decisions during the game according to the rules of the game. Each and every game has a person who entitled to this job but is known by some other names. The refs have special uniforms so that the players and audience recognize them easily.

Referee is a term which first originated in the association football. Previously the team captains used to consult each other to solve problems in the field but later on a third party was added to the game that the players could refer to for their problems. Since then the third party is known as the referee. The referees of different games have different types, colors and designs of uniforms. The color and the design of the referee uniform help them get distinguished from the players. The refs usually wear shirts and shorts or pants along with socks.

Soccer is one of the games where the referee is very important. The referee of the soccer game can wear shirts of various color combinations. But it should be different from the teams. Some of the standard colors that are available for the refs in soccer are gold with black pinstripes, blue with black pinstripes, red with black pinstripes and black with white pinstripes. But the original uniform that is followed in most of the games is basic black along with a white collar. Other than the colors of the uniform, the material is also important.

The material that is used for the soccer jersey is also used to make the jersey for the referee. In most of the cases the uniforms are made with 100 percent polyester. Other than this, some of the referee uniforms are also made of microfiber material. This kind of material helps to keep away sweat from the body. The shirts of the refs are available in full as well as half sleeves. The best color for the shorts is black and it is also made of 100 percent polyester. The shorts must have pockets to help the refs keep important items like the red and yellow cards.

Other than shirts and shorts, the shoes and socks are also important for the refs. The socks used by the referee are usually made of materials like nylon, polyester and spandex. Shoes must be chosen carefully because the referee needs to run as much as the players. The soccer turf shoe is meant just for the refs. There are various brands which manufacture the turf shoes for this purpose. The turf shoes are priced reasonably. The starting price of the shoes is below $50. The shoe chosen must be comfortable. It must support the foot well for easy run.

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