Hatred of Refs

Why We Hate Referees

The Negative Side of the Referees

bad ref

Referees can be assholes

A Referee is required in each and every game. In some of the games the person in the field is known as referee while in other games he is known by some other names. The refs are usually a third party present in the game meant to solve the problems in the field and maintain the rules and regulations of the game in the field. But there are people who hate the refs. According to them the referees do not take the right decisions in most of the games. The decisions of the third party sometimes tend to destroy the game. There are a number of negatives of the referee.
There have been instances when a team has lost the game because of the wrong decisions by the refs. Each and every spectator watching the game might have disagreed with the decision of the person referring on the ground. It can happen for a number of reasons. The third party in the ground is trained to have a professional eye for the game. They have improved knowledge regarding the rules and offenses of the game. But still the refs tend to make mistake at certain points of time. When a team is wronged by the decision of the referee the supporters usually hate that person.
In some of the instances it has been found that the referee takes a bad decision by mistake. While in other instances it has been found that the referee is not neutral in the game. According to the rules of the game the third party in the field cannot support any single team or player. But some of them tend to break the rules and support a particular team or player. This is the time when they take bad calls for which they are hated. There are times when the crowd’s reaction tends to affect the judgment of the refs.
There have been instances in the history of games, where the referee is being bought by a team in the game to provide decisions favoring them. This is one of the darker sides of the refs. Lots of refs have been caught taking bribe from teams or players to favor them in the ground. Due to the wrong decisions of these people, lots of matches had unexpected results. The team which has all the chances to win had to lose the game just because of the wrong decisions made by the referee. It is quite natural to hate the referee for this single reason.
Referee is common in the games of soccer, volleyball and cricket and many other games. A game is not complete without them but with them lots of problems arise. It is the duty of the game associations to make sure that the refs are genuine and neutral. Proper training of the refs is essential. They should also be liable to punishments if they make mistakes. Unless the associations are strict with the referee, the scenario is not going to change. It is important make these people trustworthy.

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