Basketball Referee

Title: Basketball Referee

The people who officiates a game of basketball are known as referees. Referees are meant to control the way the game functions and keep a track of the rules and regulations that define the game. Referees, also known as refs have a very important and tedious task at hand. In a game of basketball, there can be multiple refs although; the prime person is actually the refs while the others are termed as umpires.

Hence, referees have a lot of work to do. Here, we shall illustrate the same. There are a lot of signs and signals which referees use universally irrespective of the venue where the game is played. Referees need to be educated about the game and not just the game they need to be informed in detail about the rules and regulations as well because if you have been bestowed with the task of ensuring that the game is played in the right spirit and all the rules have been adhered too, referees too need to have a thorough and exhaustive knowledge of the same.

The most tedious task for refs include finding out the player who is at fault. In a game of basketball, where players rush past each other at breathtaking speed to basket the ball, calling a foul and finding the person who is at fault could be very demanding. This task is for the refs to work out. Naturally, a lot of training and learning goes into the making of good referees. The decision of a game is largely dependent on the decisions taken by refs as one wrong call by the refs could make the best game player out for the remaining match and alter the final result. Thus, the stakes are high when it comes to referees. Hence, it is not an easy job.

The main tasks that referees need to do include knowing the rules, implementing them, checking whether they are being implemented, finding out those who are at fault and making them suffer for the fault by penalizing them in a manner as laid down in the rules of the game. No doubt, it is a long list with a lot of work to do, add to it the fact that refs need to do it all in between the game with the players in a mad rush of adrenaline. Thus, in order to work like the good referees, you need to ensure that you are thoroughly knowledgeable and you know the rules very diligently. Further, refereeing in an international match is not a cakewalk. You need to start from the basics by refereeing in small matches and then if your performance speaks for yourself, you could soon become one of the best referees in the international arena. Make sure that for you to scale such levels of success, you are thorough with the kind of practical knowledge you need and be agile at the same time because you need to monitor the players and at the same time ensure that you do not come in their way of playing.