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A World of Sports Without Referees

A referee is not a luxury but a necessity for any sport game to be successful.  Although it is common for spectators and fans to recognize only one or a couple of famous refs, we can’t discount that theirs is a job that can’t be replaced; no matter how forgettable they may seem.

These individuals who don the referee uniform have a daunting task ahead of them during every game. You have players and coaches challenging your every call. Moreover, the refs need to be alert and decisive for the entire duration of the game.  A missed or wrong call can spew a stream of scoffs and jeers towards the particular sports official.

There is no doubt that refs are often at the receiving end of the coaches’, players’ or fans’ displeasure. This is why the referee is the probably the most hated individual in every game. This is a job hazard since every decision that these refs make will always be a source of irritation for at least one group of people.

Since the fans are often annoyed at the refs and the players, along with the coaches, don’t seem to think highly of them as well; why do we still have them during every game? Can’t the game progress without them?

The answer is yes, of course.  The game can progress with or without a referee.  It’s much like games played in your backyard when you play one-on-one with your brother or your friend.  You still play the game without a referee, right? The only difference lies in calling out the cheap shots.

Imagine the two of you jumping to fight for the rebound of the ball. Of course, instincts would tell you to put out your elbow or something to gain advantage at getting the rebound over your opponent.  Now, with the two of you concentrating on getting the rebound, there’s nobody else around who has a clear visual of what is happening like a referee.  This will then allow for both parties open and free to use dirty trick and this often leads to misunderstandings and heated arguments.

One would argue that he did nothing illegal while the other would also likewise present the same argument.  You both will have reached an impasse without a referee or an unbiased third party to supervise over the game.  However, for friendly games, you can do away without a referee but the game’s integrity will always be put in question forever.  If that is something you all can live with then a referee is not needed for your friendly games.

Unfortunately, it’s in our human nature to win and to be able to ascertain with a conviction that we are winners in our own rights. Prior to the existence of the referee, captains of competing teams would consult each other relating to any dispute during the game.  This would take the time and effort of the captain away from the technical aspect rather than the game itself.

It wasn’t until in the late 19th century when the concept of a referee was introduced in association football when each side brought along their own referee for them to discuss any game disputes.  However, there will be instances that disputes can’t be resolved hence, a third neutral referee was included to aid resolve disputes.

This is why we need refs to supervise any sports in any country and language. A person can’t be expected to be impartial especially when he is personally involved in it no matter how hard he tries.

The job of a referee varies depending on the specific sport.  In baseball for example, there are at least two refs or umpires needed for a game but it can be as many as six refs or umpires in the event of a championship game.  Each one of these refs or umpires has their own duties and responsibilities. The base umpires are stationed near the bases and he is in charge of making the calls within his territorial jurisdiction, which are the bases and its nearby field.

Imagine having no referee in baseball to oversee the 18 players on the field looking over the playing area of around 300 to 400 feet. It’s a lot of space and action going around the entire field that it is hard for the captains to oversee the game without the help of refs or umpires.

How about American football?  Like baseball, this sport also requires multiple refs, which is at least one head referee and two assistant refs, and in some instances, it can use up to a maximum of six refs at one time.  The head referee is often referred to as the crew chief and would have several other refs assisting him in the game like an umpire and linesman.

The American football field is just as huge as a baseball field measuring around 360 x 160 feet with twenty burly men fighting over one pigskin ball. If you don’t know what stampede is, you’ll have a great idea when you glanced upon a game. For the non-football enthusiast, it can be hard to follow the game of American football and it is seem like a bunch of adults playing catch.  One thing is certain though.  It is sure not easy keeping twenty-two men high on adrenalin in order without incident and it’s all thanks to these individuals in referee uniform.

The truth is, watching a game without a referee is chaotic, confusing and probably annoying. People would spend more time disputing and contesting decisions rather than actually playing the game. There is simply no order, no rules and no respect. Moreover, people will probably only care about winning and won’t respect the game or its rules.  This is why we need the referee to enforce the rules and guidelines of the game.  Without them, people will resort to every means and method possible just so their team will win.  As they say, rules and guidelines is what set us humans apart from the animals.

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