Order and Chaos

Referees Keeping Order

Order and chaos are two words that have opposite meanings. In a world where chaos can strike anytime, there is a need to maintain order and peace for people to live in harmony. To prevent chaos in a country, government officials are elected to administer and implement laws. The laws were created to prevent anyone from disrupting order. If there are no laws or rules for people to follow, there will eventually be chaos.
In any sport, referees are often criticized for their controversial and crucial calls during the games. They often get into an argument with team managers, coaches and players for certain decisions they had to make. Since the referee has the final call when it comes to enforcing the rules of the game, the decision is often viewed as critical to a team’s chances of winning the game. Coaches and team managers do not want their respective teams to lose the game. More wins mean a better future for the rest of the team including its owners.

Role of Referee in Maintaining Order
In sports, it is the referee or sports official that enforces the rules of the game. The rules are set for all the members of the team to follow. If there are players who went against the rules, it is the referee’s duty to impose penalty. When a fight breaks out while in the football field or basketball court, the refs will have to stop the game to restore order. If a player intentionally harms another player, the referee can choose to eject the player based on the rules of the game. The refs have the final say during the game. If the referee calls a foul or penalizes a player, his ruling must be followed.
Before the beginning of each game, the referee conducts pregame evaluation to ensure that everything is in order. Balls are checked for the proper size. Nets, floors and goal posts are also inspected to ensure there is no damage that might cause player injury. Player uniforms as well as the referee uniform are also checked for tears or damage. During the games, the referee maintains a neutral position and does not favor any team.
These sports officials are always pressured to ensure that they are fair in making calls and decisions. The referee exercises his own discretion when officiating professional sports. The referee gives appropriate sanctions to players and teams who have broken the laws of the game. In football, the referee awards the ball kicks and applies penalties. The referee also has the authority to stop the game when a player has acquired serious injury.
The referee also monitors the time of the games. He can suspend a football game when the weather conditions are bad. He can also call for suspension when the safety of fans and spectators are compromised. Professional referees get their license from national agencies. They are trained to master the rules and mechanics of the sport that they will be officiating.

Handling Chaos due to Team and Player Issues
Aside from the referee, sports officials also include the commissioner and other officials of a certain sports league. They usually decide on matters concerning the league and impose regulations for all teams and players to follow.
American sports most especially have dealt with many labor and antitrust issues in the amateur and professional competition levels of sports. Famous for the lockouts and strikes that were initiated by the sports leagues, various team owners have negotiated with their players in court. In order to protect the rights of players who were also employees, there were unions that were created to serve as negotiators for the contracts of the sports players. These contracts will be negotiated collectively so that they will achieve the CBA status or the collective bargaining agreement.
The contract principles and its solutions were one of the initial issues that the sports industry has faced. These issues began in the entertainment industry and soon made their way into sports. As for the cases in sports, they brought new twists and clauses. The sports leagues were known to work as a cartel. The leagues are the one who examine the rules that will lessen or eradicate the competitors from acquiring the services of the players. The concept of free agency emerged in which the services of players were not up for bidding if they have already signed with a team. The existence of various drafts in other sports helps reduce that type of competition. There was no competition to speak of back then except other competitor leagues. The beginnings of sports cases that tackled the issue of contract jumping is said to be a lack of effort on the part of new leagues and sports officials to firmly establish themselves in the industry and also pose a threat to the existing order.
Problems with sports contracts can cause chaos in the sports world. If there is a lockout due to team and player issues, it is the duty of sports officials to help find solutions to the problem. Being open for negotiations and effective communication can maintain order to the league, officials, teams and players.

Without referees, imagine the chaos in the football field or in the basketball court. When there is a scuffle between players, the referee can step in to calm them down and talk reason. In the boxing ring, the referee can break up the fight between two boxers when he notices that the other player is no longer capable of fighting his opponent. In basketball, the referee throws out players outside of the playing court when there is a flagrant foul. Players can be ejected from the game due to unsportsmanlike conduct and other serious offenses.
Referees may have been criticized for their calls but they are just doing their job in maintaining order and preventing chaos during the game. In professional sports, sportsmanship is regarded by referees as an important value that should be observed by all teams.

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